Competition watchdog writes province to support loosening Ontario liquor rules

Message heard, but for now, all stays the same and prices are controlled by the LCBO.
Bad? Good?
A two-sided coin.

“While acknowledging the need to balance policy concerns such as public health and safety with competition, I believe a less restrictive system that allows more retailers to compete on price can offer Ontarians greater convenience and access to a wider selection of products, particularly for those who live in rural and remote communities,” Boswell wrote.


Feeling Empty?

No worries.
The Shelves at the LCBO feel the same way!

LCBO says distribution issues to be resolved in two to three weeks

OPSEU President Warren “Smokey” Thomas said frontline workers have told him that the distribution delay isn’t likely to be solved until September.

“Our information from the front lines is that two to three weeks would be very, very ambitious and probably not a realistic assessment,” he said.



Ontario PCs Shaking the Beer Store tree

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 SHAKING THE TREE  is an understatement  😉

Interesting news out with many mixed reviews by the media outlets…

Things will change “big time” if this legislation gets passed.

Province to Introduce Legislation to End Decades-old Near-Monopoly on Beer Sales

“The unfair agreement with the Beer Store puts the interests of three large global brewers ahead of Ontario consumers, taxpayers and small businesses,” said Fedeli. “It’s a bad deal for people in Ontario who want more choice and convenience, and it’s deeply unfair to businesses who want to compete in this sector.”

Read it from the source HERE.

Ontario government introduces legislation terminating deal with Beer Store. STORY HERE

Chris Selley: Ontario government finally flexes some muscle on beer retail


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