Agent Appointment

Below is a Draft letter to be signed and printed (PDF) on company letterhead. Please feel free to copy and paste from below, or contact us.

DATE: [current_date format=Y-m-d]

To: Liquor Control Board of Ontario
55 Lakeshore Blvd East
Toronto, ON M5E 1A4

Re: Appointment of Exclusive Agent

We wish to be a Supplier of Liquor Products to you for resale by the LCBO. We acknowledge that we have received and read your manual entitled “LCBO Product Management Policies and Procedures.”

We hereby authorize the following person to be our exclusive Agent with respect to the sale of the following Liquor Products to Liquor Control Board of Ontario effective the day of [current_date format=’F d, Y’]

Exclusive Agent Information:

Lacey Cellars
2288 Kawartha Hts
Peterborough, Ontario
Canada K9K 1P4
+1 416 690 2557 (main)
+1 416 946 1403 (fax)

Description of Products: